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HFT enables people with learning disabilities to develop their potential, to make informed choices and to take responsibility.

HFT provides a national network of user focused services including; supported living, registered residential care, day opportunities, specialist services for those with specific syndromes or complex support needs, supported employment, carer support services, transition workshops, advocacy, short breaks (respite care), research and ICT (information communications technology) training.
HFT strives to provide inclusive services, which are individually tailored to each person's ability and potential. We aim for a positive, valued lifestyle which reflects the key principles of the Valuing People White Paper, supplemented by our own core values of Care, Consultation and Communication; Opportunity; Respect and Empowerment, which guide and inform our services. We promote equal opportunities and strive to achieve social inclusion for our service users. Our philosophy is to maintain continuity of support, even though a person's needs may change.

People we support are encouraged (through person centred planning) to make choices and develop self-esteem. We operate a key worker system to help us do this. We have a quality assurance system, which includes commissioning regular external evaluation of our services, to ensure our working practices are monitored to help us improve and meet our targets.

HFT has clear policies and guidelines on care, personnel, finance, health and safety and local procedures.

We endorse the key principles of the Valuing People White Paper and work within the Care Standards Act requirements, continually striving to improve services.

Fees for our services are individually negotiated, based on the cost of individual requirements, to meet our basic services. HFT also actively raises charitable funds which are used to significantly improve the quality of life for service users in many ways. We work in partnership with an extensive range of other organisations and actively welcome the opportunity for further partnerships.

HFT was founded in 1962 by parents of people with learning disabilities and is a company limited by guarantee under Registration No. 734984. It is also a Registered Charity No: 313069.



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